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Why are the colors so dull and unsaturated when posting here? Everywhere else they look good.

I’m not sure but it could well be because the EXIF is stripped from the image on upload.

I recall that from some time ago. And I think it was the color space of the saved image. I’ve found sRGB to be handled the most consistently for web and basic image viewing software. For instance, IrfanView displays dull, muted colors for ProPhoto and Adobe spaces but is fine for sRGB.

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sRGB is also best for Amazon Photo uploads especial when viewed through a Fire TV device (much better).

Might be out of the box, but in Windows 10 there is a nightlight setting. Check when it is defaulted to come on. If everything looks good elsewhere and you come onto Topaz at a nightlight setting time, that would be possibly the reason. If you are checking your images elsewhere at the same time, then don’t know, sorry.

OK I’m confused - Under Color representation some of my files say sRGB and some say nothing and some uncalibrated - Why? and how do I change all to sRGB? Thanks!

I answered my own question - Bring image into PS - Click on Image - Convert Color Profile - Apply sRGB Profile - - -

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File before changeing - - -

Can you see the difference on your end?

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Absolutely! Mo Betta! I convert all my web based images to sRGB for posting.

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