I don't know how to put cineform film scan3 on encoder

Hello, could someone help me to put on the encoders.json file to export in cineform film scan 3 please? Thanks to anyone who can help me


Here’s an encoders.json file with Cineform Film Scan 3 added.

encoders.zip (1.3 KB)


Oh your’e very great :innocent: how do you create this? Please send me a tutorial for that thanks

We recently posted a documentation page on editing the encoders.json file :slight_smile:

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I found a little bug/glitch in the DOC. if you click on the MacOS tab
the Encoding example below in the DOC doesn’t change to "os": "osx", it remains the same as for windows users as "os": "windows".

If a MacOS user would copy and paste the example and tweak it to his needs skipping the “OS” parameter (leaving it untouched), it won’t show up in the UI.
I suggest when clicking in the macOS tab in the Doc also to change the “os” type as well. Or just add it as a note remark.


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Thanks for this feedback!

I’m going to add a macOS-specific example for that section of the doc. Mac users will not be able to use NVENC anyway so we’ll need to come up with a separate section with a ProRes or customized HEVC example.

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Could you tell me for the magicyuv 4444 and avi x265 export please? I tried for example in hevc main 10 by putting main 12 for the 12 bits, it does not work it gives error. Can someone give me to export in x265 devc 12 bits please? I tried to put preset ultrafast it does not work either why? Why can’t we modify this so that the export goes faster? Thank you again for your help

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I have already seen this page but I can’t create for export for that I ask if someone can do it for me because I don’t know how to do it :innocent:

Please help me

It is H265 not X265… H265 (hevc_nvenc) is the Nvidia encoder that works with your compatible graphics card. X265 only encodes with the CPU and it’s slower and better quality.
hevc_nvenc does not support 12bits, only 10 or 16 and does not support the ultrafast preset but only …
fastest (lowest quality)
faster (lower quality)
fast (low quality)
medium (default)
slow (good quality)
slower (better quality)
slowest (best quality)
You don’t gain nothing by choosing a faster preset because H265 encoding barely uses the graphics card, there are other factors slowing down the processing speed like upscaling, denoising, enhancing, etc…

However if you want to use a lower quality preset change -preset medium to -preset fastest

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Hi, i try change medium to fastest, it’s don’t work in export in TVEAI, i can change that, i don’t know why… It’s marked “error” in exportation

Which error did you get, resolution error ?
Try -preset fast
Don’t forget to close TVAI before doing any changes to the video-encoders.json file

Please you can help me send me the file json with magicyuv… On my last message please ? Thanks to you