I can't purchase Sharpen AI using the coupon and other stuff

Over a month ago, I was offered Sharpen AI for free as I already own Topaz InFocus. Alas, I was unable to download it, and now my trial period has expired. I have now tried to purchase it using the coupon but every time I click on [Place Order], I just get taken to back to the same page. I put in a request but now when I try to view it, I just get a blank page with this in the browser: https://topazlabs.com/my-account?action=zendesk-remote-logout&kind=error&message=User+is+invalid%3A+Email%3A++rexboggs5%40optusnet.com.au+has+already+been+taken

That Optus email address was my original one but I changed it about two years ago, and my current email address, which I use with Topaz, is . For some reason it seems to assume that I still used my Optus email address, which no longer exists.

This is getting frustrating, to say the least. Can someone give me some help with this?

Thanks and Cheers, Rex

Please don’t post email addresses here as it is a public forum. How long ago did you place the request?

Hi Don,

I think about 2 days ago. I was going to edit the request as I found the coupon after I had posted the initial request, but I wasn’t able to view my request- just a blank webpage and an error message in the web address.

You probably got a confirmation, they usually take 2 days to reply. Maybe @ATharp can help because you changed your email.

Thanks Don. I have messaged ATharp about this.

Cheers, Rex

I paid for Sharpen AI using your website and paypal, Paypal acknowledged the payment, but not you. I reported it but no response back in 22 days (ID: #170128)

Have you logged in to your account via Sharpen AI? If that hasn’t worked just go to Community-> Switch users and re-login.

@ATharp can you check the validation issue here.

I put one in still waiting.

@AiDon How Long does it it take for Topaz labs to get back from a ticket ?

You should get an initial acknowledgment of you raising the Ticket, then you should have a reply within 48 hours about your actual issue … unless over a weekend where it could take as long as 48 hours + Saturday & Sunday and any Public Holidays.

@AiDon I ha a ticked dated 2 days a go for Infocus upgrade offer.

I own Your Classic Collection .I saw the the Advertisement for the free upgrade to AI Sharpen from it How long will it Take too get the Coupons in my account What Me Collection Purchase What AI and studio Products can i get?

I have a ticket dated 2 days how long till an responce :slight_smile:

@JoeFedric-TL What is the Difference Between Topaz DeJPEG DeNoise vs JPEG To RawAI ? How do i get get my coupon for the Free Upgrade to AI Sharpen From My Bunddle ?

I am Getting A Upgrade Coupon 20 off Not The one for Owning Infocus.:slight_smile:

I own the Topaz Labs Complete Bundle and More.

You need to logon to your account and see what complete bundle you own. The complete bundle was complete at the time you purchased it and, if other plugins etc. were added, you usually got a reduced price to upgrade to the next complete bundle.

You are best to raise a support request after looking on your account to see what products you own as if you own InFocus you are entitled to a free upgrade to Sharpen AI.

Did it Gives me wrong coupon. it gives me the 20 off not the free upgrade from Infocus.

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