I am interested in Studio 2 - Is it now a legacy product?

I am guessing it has been a longtime since there has been an update. Is anything replacing it?


Why do you think it is a legacy product? It’s still on the download list and my guess is that there will be no replacement “new” product.

Probably because TS2 hasn’t been updated in months/years? ie development appears frozen.

I believe it was updated last year …


There was a (mostly) maintenance update 15 months ago. The next previous update was a year before that (Feb 20) and was also mostly a bug-fix release.

So, really there has been very little going on with Studio in the last 2-3 years.

Studio-2 Change Log


$99 for a program that is being ignored ? When I buy software at a good ly price, I expect upgards.
Topaz regularly improves Sharpen, Denoise, Giga., and video Enhance, so I think they are done with Studio 2.

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