I am getting a ghosting effect when using Photo AI

I have been using Photo AI for several months and have been pleased with the results. Today when processing image in Photo AI Inget a ghosting effect or white shadow around the subject of the image that is being processed. How and why and how do I get it to stop? This is on a Mac.[Please describe your issue here. Try to include logs (Help → Logging) and add screenshots if necessary.]

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Hey @robert.frechette, can you upload some screenshots of what this looks like? If you can take screenshots of what settings you’re using as well that would be great. We may need additional info, but this will be a good starting point.

Adding my own experience here – getting something similar-ish when using the CLI mode on Mac, but it’s specific to when a) I’m sizing up the image via Autopilot (by altering the settings via the GUI to hard-set to width of 1920, the equivalent of 1.5x in my situation), and b) a face is detected in the image. Any images I batch process without a clear face size up fine, but those with any face in the image result in that face appearing duplicated at the larger size overlaid at like 50% opacity on the otherwise original-size image.


It looks like you have a mask on the original image that you are processing. There is a known bug where Topaz Photo AI processing is causing a pixel shift. Can you try removing the original mask and applying a new mask?

In general, using Topaz Photo AI first and making edits to your image after processing is preferred to prevent these issues.

We are working on solutions for these issues.

This sounds like a different issue. Currently the CLI mode does not support upscaling. It seems the face recovery output size is increased without taking that into account.

We are working on enabling upscaling in CLI mode. For now, I recommend using Topaz Photo AI stand alone for upscaling.

That seems to be the problem. I reset the image and then used Topaz Photo AI before doing any other edits. The ensuing image did not have the ghosting effect. thank you.

Ah got it, thanks – didn’t realize that wasn’t supported yet. I have a huge batch of images to process (16,000 - 17,000) – is there any way to batch that without opening those all in the GUI? And/or any thoughts on when that feature is coming to the CLI mode?