I absolutely hate the way previews work

Please can we just go back to being able to have a 4 up view with various options previewed simultaneously. It worked really really well. The way previews work now is unusable. Please fix it!

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Is it related to this settings by any chance?


No it is not. He is speaking of the comparison views the 2.x version offered!


I second this, perhaps could we have options to do sbs & split view between 2 selected output previews/exports?

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In the future this functionality will surely come back, it has to come back. But for general cases, using Proteus in automatic mode is the best there is.

Yes that is the most common, but Artemis High Quality and Low quality can also be really good, depending on the source material. Often I really need to compare those 3 options. The 4 up view we used to have did that perfectly, and efficiently. Now I have to render out all three options and compare in another program, it’s really time consuming. I have no idea why they took away that functionality and replaced it with a really clunky non functioning one.

Or 4 as we previously could. that worked really well. I just want the old functionality back

I’d Agree, except for IRIS, which in some cases is far better than the rest. What would be amazing is multiple models on the same clip at once based on a subject mask. Subject using IRIS, and an overall Proteus would probably do wonders!