Hull Minster

LR and Adjust 5


Awesome image …love the dark saturated colors.

Great reflection, and I agree with @BobKramer - the colors are really nice!

Great capture, Terry. And beautiful rich colours on the building

Love, love, love it!!

Fabulous capture with wonderful colours

Very good image. I like how you left the open window in the frame.

Beautifully processed image.

What a fantastic capture!

thanks …

It was by chance that I saw the picture opportunity - we were in Kingston-upon-Hull for the opening of the photo exhibition and it had been very wet the previous day so no photos to take - but th following morning …

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Well taken opportunity - love the reflections

Love the reflection…great looking image.

Powerful! I love the contraat of old/new!

…as well as a very good eye for photographic opportunities. Great capture!

Good eye!

Thanks for the positive comments
I hadn’t considered the “old versus new” but merely the “eye for photographic opportunities” which operated instinctively. I hope to return to the scene in the not too distant future to grab a few more images