Huge file size

Just upgraded to V3 video AI.
I have a DVD Hancocks Half Hour. Original quality is terrible. I ran it into topaz and the 20 minutes of video (source 1.5GB) took 2 days to process and created a 80GB file.
I used the preset deinterlace and upscale to HD.
why does it take so long and create such a huge output?

So many factors. GPU being the main one. AI model used at what resolution being the next. Output format also.
I haven’t tried out vp9, but as of right now, I don’t consider any of the TVAI output options as being able to used as a final viewing file. I suggest you find another program to transcode that huge file to something that fits your desire.

This software v3 is rubbish. 3 days or so on a intel latest gen processor 128GB Ram with nvidia gpu to process a 24 minute DVD episode. And to produce an 80 GB file for 20 minutes of video to 1080p HD. Insane. That’s like raw footage as a default.
Then windows folder protection blocks the final save and topaz is too silly to realize the write failed and discards everything. Then I do it again but due to trying to save and then also process an 80 GB file (on default settings) it runs out of disk space and again it has no idea it didn’t save properly, so another 3 days to process again. Why it can’t say “Unable to process final image” and have a retry button so it doens’t lose everything is beyond me.
And they have now taken away technical support, seems to be no way of contacting them other than through a community forum which they may or may not read. Can’t find any contact emails anyway anymore.
I’ll continue to play with it, but default settings shouldn’t be so stupid.

Even with an Nvidia GTX 960 you should be getting better speed than that. I’ve only seen those kinds of slow speeds when setting it to process only on the CPU. My other computer has a dual core Intel i5 4690K and an Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB. It takes 11 hours to: convert 40 minutes of video into parts and change the frame rate in H.265 slow preset → TVAI Artemis Medium Quality at 100% scale to PNG → TVAI Proteus manual settings at 225% scale to PNG → PNG to H.265 slow preset at a higher CRF for final viewing.

There’s something not right on your system, or something you’ve left out that we need to know to be able to help you solve this.

I’ve been outputting to PNG files since the processing is done in the same colorspace as standard PNGs. For 24 minutes of video that takes about 100 GB. ProRes output should be less than half that size.

Another potential bottleneck for your system can be your storage drive. I bought a cheap 2TB SSD once that has like a 5GB cache then writes at like 2MB per second after that cache is full. That would take a long time to write 80GB. Even a 500GB HDD is faster than that. Getting your hands on an HDD with 4+TB will also get you faster read and write speeds. SSDs are nice, but unless you buy a NAS focused 4+TB one, they are not made for the amount of writing video processing does.

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