How to set Topaz Studio as my default editor?

Hi there, new to Topaz, and using Windows 10. Can anyone tell me how to set Studio as my default image file editor in Windows?

Hi, if you go to Settings - Apps - default apps Windows lets you only choose the default image viewer. If you look at the bottom of the default apps page you can also choose the default app by file type. I would do this and choose Topaz Studio for those file types you are working with like .jpeg, tif, tiff, .psd etc. etc.


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Studio does not support PSD files :slight_smile:

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sorry, forgot …

So, I tried this, and even with Topaz Studio installed, Windows didn’t recognize it as an option for photo viewer, the app didn’t come up at all. There was an option to check the app store, I didn’t see it there either. Maybe in a product update Topaz could make it part of the install process?