How to save with adjustments

Is it possible to save a project that has several adjustments so that when the project is re-opened the adjustments are all there and can have changes made to them?

When I save a project now, and open it later, the adjustments are now incorporated into the project and I can’t make any changes to them.

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If you save as a “Project File” all Adjustments and parameters are retained and you can edit them when you reopen the project file. The project file is saved with the .tsp extension.

To save as a project file select File-> Save as and then select TSP for the file type.

Things that are destructive, and therefore cannot be saved as part of a Project File are the following:

  • Applying an external Plugin via the Plugin menu
  • Using the Apply button before saving as a project

And, of course, Project Files cannot be opened in other editors such as Photoshop only Studio.


Thanks Don, This is just what I needed.:relaxed:


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