How to save the workfile?

When closing the image it says the unsaved changes will be lost. So how can I save the changes?
PhotoAI 1.2.8 Win


Press Cancel and then Save.

Yes but is there not a way to save the edits I have in PhotoAI for this image? This gives impression that I should be able to save the image as workfile that I can continue working on later.

No you cannot save what you are looking for, you need to execute a full Save/Save as because there is no concept of a workfile. It does not have non-destructive edits.

Gotcha. I wish there would be though, at least a file that would save what image whas edited and what was the settings at that time. Even that would save a ton of time in cases like mine where I was editing 18 images and the app crashed and I lost all my edits so far.

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