How to ROLLBACK to previous working releases

Today. 9/3/20, you released two or three untested Hot Fix updates to DeNoise, Sharpen, and (maybe) Gigapixel (I rejected the Gigapixel update since the issue is clearly common to ALL your products and Gigapixel doesn’t work as a plugin anyway.).

DeNoise and Sharpen now CRASH when invoked as a plug-in to Luminar. Both worked fine yesterday. So something in today’s release broke these products in a very big and inconvenient way. Not good Topaz, not good. Where is your quality control?

Do you have an FTP server or some web page that will allow me to uninstall the current bug-ridden versions and download and install the last known properly working version?

If you do not have a ROLLBACK provision in your game plan perhaps it is time to consider adding one.

Your customers have paid good money for your software and they have work to get done that your bugs either make impossible or slow down by doubling the time required to use your products in their workflow. No one who has used a plugin wants to go back to EXPORT, LAUNCH, IMPORT, ADJUST, EXPORT, QUIT, LAUNCH, IMPORT which is the only way I can use your products until you figure out what is causing this crashing bug and then fix it.

Please consider adding customer access to previous versions or at least the last previous version, just in case, as happened today, your update breaks the software and makes it unusable.|


Please raise a support request at the main website.

Make sure you don’t drag the image from the lumina browser but export as an external editor.

No issues for me sending from Luminar 4 on a Mac to either DeNoise or Sharpen AI.

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This is a classic example of why I don’t (want to) update unless I absolutely have a good reason to.

The problem with always updating is there is no easy roll-back.

The problem with [not] updating is the annoying nag check that cannot be easily disabled. (you can prevent the check with outbound Firewall rules but that is a hassle and should not be necessary)


I have noticed a decrease in the quality of the images from DeNoise over time. I would very much like to install V 1.2 or 1.3 to compare with the current versions. Can you help me with this?

Go to the Product Releases section on this Forum and select and download the version you want to install.

Remember though, especially if you are a Mac user, that there are some versions that will not execute on the newer OS versions.

Where “on this forum” is the product release section???