How to queue the processing of several outputs?

I am running Topaz Video on a new M1 Apple Studio with 64GB of RAM. Despite this, if I try to process 3 or more videos simultaneously, one of them will always fail with an Out of Memory error.

Thus I need to be able to queue the output videos so that only ONE video is being processed at a time. However I can find no way to prevent all output videos being processed at once, thus limiting me to only 2 videos at a time.

I would like to be able to queue up to 6 or more videos to be processed consecutively in the background without having them always fail with Out of Memory errors. Is this possible or is an enhancement required?

Under preferences, processing: set max processes to 1, click save, and then queue up as many as you want - only 1 will process at a time.

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Maybe just open the whole application a second time? In Windows this is easy just by hold the shift key when opening the application. On the Mac I forgot how. :eyes: