How to put back together a series of Topaz Tif images?

I used Topaz to enhance an SD video onto something that “looks” like HD,

What I didn’t expect, maybe because I did something wrong when setting up Topaz, was it to split the whole video in TIF images.

How do I assemble them back together, without using Avid or Premiere?

I tried with Sony Vegas 20, but it doesn’t list the “tif” format in what it can import?

Is there some trick? What happens with the audio track? Do I use that from the original video?


Try with VirtualDub2…
Install… Open it and then load the first Tif file, VirtualDub2 automatically loads all of the Tif files in the folder.
Press Ctrl+R to change frame rate to your desired frame rate… Usually Tif outputs are 10Fps.
Press Ctrl+P and choose the compression codec you want.
Audio… Audio from other file. Load the audio file you already have
Press F7 to output to your desired location

I looked up Sony Vegas, it says you would have to output PNG from TVAI to be able to load it in Sony Vegas. That doesn’t help you load the sound back in, but I imagine you should be able to load it from the original.