How to manually set settings for batch processing in Topaz Photo AI

Hello! How do I manually set the same settings for all images to be processed in Topaz Photo AI? If I set certain settings, they are only applied to one image, and the autopilot works for the rest. How can I apply the settings to all images at once, without using the autopilot? Thank you!

In the timeline (or whatever it may be called) that shows thumbnails of all the videos that are going to be processed, go to the first image that you’ve adjusted all the settings for and click on the three vertical dots “…” to bring up a very small menu. The first item in the menu should be Apply (or something like that, I’m not actually in front of my computer right now), and one of the sub-options should be something like “Apply to all photos”. The applies your current settings to all photos that are in the queue to be processed! :slight_smile: I used this feature all the time.