How to make Sharpen AI default to Stabilize?

How can I configure Sharpen AI to to open in Stabilize mode instead of Sharpen? I get the best results with Stabilize most of the time and it is annoying to wait for the image to be processed in Sharpen mode then switch to Stabilize and wait again. Thanks.

There currently is no Preferences setting that allows you to set Stabilize as your default. And, unlike some of the products, SAI doesn’t retain your last-used setting as the one to open on.

I don’t work for Topaz, but a couple of suggestions:
1- I think there’s a ‘tab’ in the Discussion Board for Product Suggestions. Try posting your request there worded more as a “this is a feature that would be useful for Topaz to add to Sharpen AI” rather than a “how do I do this” inquiry.
2- In the interim to any product redesign by Topaz, try this… Do you have your Sharpen AI set to “Auto Update - Yes”? If so, as your image is loading and starting to pre-proprocess, try clicking on the “No” on that same line next to Auto Update. It won’t shift your preference to “No” but it should stop the processing and allow you to switch the sharpening mode to Stabilize before it starts processing again.

Good luck!

This is what I meant in # 1 above:

Would Be Nice To Have The Installer Have A Option To Choose where to Download files to. And Have A Option to Turn off AI in Program :slight_smile:

Currently you cannot set the default. I have also asked for that in the Feature Requests.

Thanks. Turning Auto Update off is an excellent workaround.