How to invoke Sharpen AI from LR/PS?

I just downloaded Denoise AI last night and so far seems to work fine. I see you can call DAI directly from Lightroom. Why wasn’t this capability included in Sharpen AI? Since Topaz is shifting our workflow more to these AI stand alones Sharpen AI should also be available directly from LR/PS or am I missing something?

As it is now from LR I first use DAI, save the file, then open SAI and open the file I just saved. This is very inconvenient. It’s better if this all better integrated making a smooth workflow.

It is working just fine for me in lightroom. Also if you have Studio you can call that from LR and have access to plugins and presets from Topaz rhat you own.
See attached. Ignore the entry for JPG to RAW AI, that does not work from Ligtroom.

When you are in Ps and have an image open in the workspace, go to the Filters > Topaz Labs menu and you will see both DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI listed (along with any other Topaz plugins you might own).

Thank you Larry that is exactly what I was hoping for but for me SAI does not show up on that list - only Studio and DAI. I there something I can do to have SAI added?

The topic of Studio is another sore point right now. I started using Topaz software at the beginning of the year and all worked great. Then suddenly a week and half ago Studio started crashing on me. The only thing I could think of causing it was a Dell update that occurred just prior to this. But setting up restore points was not turned on my new computer so I couldn’t do a system restore. My only recourse to get Studio working again is try a reinstall. (unless you have any other great ideas). DAI, SAI, and Gigapixel all work fine still.

Thank you Fotomaker I’ll check it out on my computer at home tonight. If you see my reply to Larry above SAI should be showing up on my list in Lightroom but does not so I’m skeptical SAI will show up in PS.

Did you mention - for purposes of Moderators who track these discussions and can sometimes expedite help - what brand/model computer, operating system (incl generation) and (ideally) processor you’re using. If there’s a glitch with one particular system the moderators can escalate that to the attn of the product developers.

Good luck!

This link may provide some help:

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Thank you Larry that worked. Oddly here is what my menu list looks like now (below). It just added SAI as another program under PS while Studio and DAI are in a separate group below that.

And to answer Fotomaker’s comments, everything looks fine in Photoshop.

Now should I try to reload Studio and AI Clear is a different issue I might add to a different thread - supposedly they took away the download link for AI Clear.


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Just remember that all Topaz Applications must first be run as a standalone in order to appear in supported Applications.

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Do you mean we must open the standalone program by itself first? Only then can it show up in other programs like LR/PS? I would not have expected this requirement.

The installation instructions require that it is first run as a standalone because it then installs itself as a plugin for Photoshop and a external editor for Lightroom. That is why after installation it has the run box ticked.