How to Get Legacy Topaz Plugins into Ps CC 2020

I just updated this week from Win 7 to Win 10. 64-bit PC.

Then from Ps CC 2019 to Ps CC 2020.

In the process, none of my “classic” (legacy) Topaz products (I own them all) populated into the Filters menu in Ps CC 2020. I only got the 4 AI plugins under Topaz Labs. And, Studio 2 under Topaz Studio.

I want all my older Topaz products usable again (including Studio 1). Ideally set up with any plugin presets I’d saved.

I tried copying over some .8bf files to: Program files > Common Files > Adobe > Plugins >CC. But that didn’t work. Most of the Topaz products I did that with show up in the Ps CC 2020 Filters menu but are not functional or operational (sliders don’t work, etc.). One or two of the plugins also had .dll extensions (not all).

Can someone pls share how they got their older Topaz plugins & Studio 1 ported over from Ps CC 2019 to CC 2020 (in a Win 10 environment) and got them to work properly?


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Find the plugins folder in 2019 … copy … then paste to plugins folder in 2020

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Thx Jack! I’ll try that.

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They’re there & working now. Yay! I :heart_decoration: my Topaz plugins (when they’re working!). Thx again.

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thanks fotomaker for posting this topic because i was going to get PSCC20 on my mac and would have had the same problem and now i have the solution, i hop…thanks to your posting andjacks reply

You’re welcome. It was AiDon’s suggestion that I post here after I was hitting the wall getting my fave plugins to work post Win 10 & Ps CC 2020 updates. I hope Jack’s suggestion works for you too if your plugins don’t automatically port over. At minimum, you should see the 4 AI plugins and Studio 2 with the update to CC 2020. Hopefully, any of your “classic” Topaz plugins will be there too & you won’t have to do the copy/paste! Good luck.

I found something else that was clearly impacting the performance & responsiveness of my sliders w/in Ps CC 2020 (including ACR) was the need to add Ps CC 2020 (.exe) to my exclusions list for Acronis.

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