How to consolidate multiple Topaz Application Folders

I have the following folders in my Application Folder: Topaz Labs, Topaz Labs LLC, Topaz Mask AI, Topaz Studio folders along with Individual Apps (DeNoise 6, Glow, Impression, ReMask Texture Effects). Some apps will not launch within Photoshop/Lightroom. Is there a way for me to manually consolidate the apps/files into a logical order? Obviously I’m a longtime user so this messy file legacy is a result of installation changes over time, without corresponding cleanups on the install. Any help appreciated. Thanks. PS: also guess I should uninstall some of the legacy apps.

I uninstalled and reinstalled all the new versions into the original Topaz Labs directory. I just had to be careful with the latest installers to edit out the LLC for both the install and support file directories when it asked where I wanted to place the program.

Thanks, I’ll go that route. Didn’t want to give the plethora of product license codes I have but it is what it is…plus I have lots of time right now to slog through the installs (quarantine and all…). Take care.