How to Access Past Product Installers (.exe files)?

When I update Topaz products from within programs I don’t have the Win installer files for future access. There have been instances in which an update altered functionality (or eliminated functionality - intentionally or not) that I value. How do I find/download .exe installers for any version of any Topaz product I own so I can go back a release generation if desired?

Previous versions for some of the products are on the downloads page at Download I:


Thanks, Linda.

Yes - the operative word you noted is “some”. I was ideally looking for a list (or table/chart) of all products with each of their history of numbered versions.

Plus, when I went to the site you suggested above & clicked on the Win previous versions option button (like in your snip above), for some reason it just took me to my own Win Explorer and not to a list such as a ‘Topaz Products Downloads Archive’ on the Topaz website - which is what I was seeking & hoping for.

I not only do personal photography work. I also do some photographic work for commercial and volunteer entities. Even if I’m not being paid as a pro photog I like to approach what I do for them as a pro would. So if my photo processing tools change in ways that affect how I do that work I really wanna go back to tried & true.

I appreciate you taking the time to point out one option on the Topaz website for previous prod. versions. I hope there are others that are more comprehensive (& accessible)!

I think the problem is that the installers that we download are “hot” installers in that if you have the exe file saved and run it again it will always go to the current version. You may need to create restore points before you install an upgrade.

That being said there have been cases where folks did need to go back a version for one reason or another, and I believe that was dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Would be kind of crazy to have all versions of all apps accessible all the time, what a nightmare.

Maybe that’s why they took away our Private Message icon lol!

Other s/w companies (incl Adobe) make links to the previous product versions accessible. And, it doesn’t have to be b/c they’re a large company. It’s just a matter of creating future needs-conscious, documentation as they go… those companies have tables org’d by product/product family with hot links to all versions. Doesn’t mean any one person has to download them all if not needed/desired. But it’s an accessible archive. I do usually save my installer programs. But when updating directly in the program I don’t get them. Unfortunately I did that for some versions (and now regret it…).

And, here I thought they nuked the PM/DM functionality b/c they didn’t wanna hear from me! :smirk:

We have the installers for most of the previous versions, especially the recent ones. Have an item on the website team’s board to make them more available than the rudimentary immediately previous version that’s available on the download page now.