How Small We Are

Taken at Sequoia National Park 11/17

Processed with Topaz Studio 2, Impression

Basic Lightroom Processing


I’ve been there and a photo can’t really capture how big these trees are ( having a person standing in front of one helps) and some are up to 3000 years old. I like the unaltered photo best though.


Great treatment and original. For size comparison here is one that I took in visit to Sequoia in 1991. It was from a slide that was scanned. Those trees are magnificent. Thanks for sharing your pictures Ken. I did do some work using PS and TS2 plugin with some filters.


Thank you very much for the comments, @Artisan-West. It is one of my favorite parks to visit!

@Buckstop75, thank you very much for your comments and I like your photo very much!

Here is General Sherman in 4/2006, treated with Topaz AI Clear


Wow Ken. Nice picture and must have been a hoot getting there to see the General Sherman Tree with the snow. I remember the drive up to the park as winding and interesting. Thanks for sharing.:smile:

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Thank you Michael, it was a lot of fun in the snow and it was not as cold as it looks lol

Interesting processing Ken. I like both the original and the processed one. Incredible trees they are.

Nice perspective and treatment Ken …

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Laundromat and @BobKramer

Thank you both for sharing images of these amazing trees. Great POV on the first shot!
Yes, we are very small indeed …