How is that TVAI still can not properly adjust to a custom scale in Windows? 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you have a Custom Scale set in Windows

Everything TVAI shows you is just wrong. Like with a 150% scale it shows you a 720p input as 1080p in the preview… no serious image or video software does that. They scale the INTERFACE, not the source images or videos you are working on.
When I import a 720 video in Adobe Premiere it doesn’t appear as 1080 in the editor because my Windows Custom Scale is set to 150%… it’s just the GUI that it’s scaled, not the inputs in the working area.

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I dunno. Waiting for a fix for months now. When using a 200 % Windows scaling I have to set the zoom level in TVAI to 50 % to compensate. :neutral_face:

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@bombayetas This is something we are looking into, thank you!


Great, thanks Ida. :blush:

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