How is it possible that TVAI fails at something so simple? šŸ¤¦šŸ»

  • Add some dozens of short videos with different dimensions and fps
  • Set a profile with 1080p output, preserve original fps and ProRes output
  • Export


  • Many videos start to show errors and have ā€œFrame Interpolationā€ activatedā€¦ even when my profile was ā€œORIGINAL FRAMERATEā€ and ā€˜Frame Interpolationā€™ was NEVER activated ANYWHERE.
  • Cancelā€¦
  • Select again one by one the videos that showed ā€œErrorā€ using Ctrl+click and set again a profile options, one by one, ensuring all is correct: 1080p output, preserve original fps and ProRes outputā€¦

TVAI says ā€œErrorā€ again for the vast majority of themā€¦

But then it works ok when adding all of themā€¦ one by one.

How is that something so SIMPLE as ā€œapply THIS profile to THESE videosā€ fails so miserably?? :person_facepalming:t2:

Logs: 1.23 MB file on MEGA

Thanks for sharing your log files. Our team will look into these issues and we will hopefully have a fix out for batch processing very soon.

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