How is disk space used by TVAI?

I was converting a 15 min video at 29.97fps (1.7GB in size) to 60fps using Chronos Fast on my MacBook Pro M1 exporting to H.265 Main mp4 with auto bitrate and auto sound. I had 90GB free hard disk space. After a day and a half of processing it aborted with the message ‘No space left’. Even when it was around 70% of the way the temp video created on disk was around 25GB or so, so well under the space left. I just wondered how much space is required for processing? Are there any typical figures to indicate this for given export formats?

Also, I think it would be good if there was some way to salvage the processing rather than this abrupt error message. To have gone through ages processing and end up with this is frustrating.

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