How fast are GeForce 3000-series cards in VEAI?

Those of you who own a GPU from the GeForce 3000-series, how fast are they at processing video in VEAI? Let’s take upscaling from 720p to 1080p with Gaia HQ for an example - How long does video processing take per frame for your specific card and how long does it take to process a 30 second video?

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It always depends on what you are doing. It can be everything between 0-100% GPU load, and up to 98% memory load. Acztual VEAI version performs very well.

That… wasn’t really an answer to my question. I’m guessing you only read the title and not the full text? :slight_smile:

Here is a spread sheet created by ShikuTeshi showing VEAI performance on different hardware set up.

You can download the source video from the link below: (720p 30fps)

Benchmark Settings: 200%Scaling, Preferences Maxed VRAM, Disable “Reduce GPU Load”

The time is very dependant on what you are doing - for example today I upscaled something from 720p/60fps to 1440p/60fps with VEAI 3.x - it’s a 40 minute video and it took around 7 hours. That’s fine for my use case, but may not be for yours.

I have added results many months ago to the spreadsheet linked above - it led to me looking for the “best” encoding GPU for a dedicated encoding machine build.

What I have found is that with current GPU pricing - at least staying within the same brand (e.g. NVIDIA) - the money spent equates roughly to the raw performance increase.

i.e. if an RTX 3060 Ti is $500 (example) - then spending 25% more for an RTX 3070 Ti, say $625, will yield you about a 25% raw performance gain.

What is not captured in that is the advantages of having more VRAM and doing parallel processing. From what I can see, getting a much cheaper (on sale), RTX 3060 with 12GB VRAM and running 2x or even 3x processes in parallel will yield a faster output than trying to do the same on an 8GB VRAM 3060 Ti.

I am currently waiting for pricing to come down a little bit more on RTX 3060 GPUs. Running 2-3x processes in parallel at the speed of the RTX 3060 would be adequate for my needs, especially if the pricing is in the $250-275 USD range.

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Fully d’accord!
In addition to higher purchase prices, you should also take into account that faster GPUs consume more power, and that is not fully compensated by shorter processing time.
Last but not least a powerfull GPU needs also an adequatly balanced configuration of all system components

This is exactly the kind of information i was looking for, thank you so much!