How do I resize in AI GigaPixel


I am new to AI GiGaPixel. I want to size by width and height, but they are not independent of each. So sizing the 16x9, it provides me 13x9 inches.

Is there is any trick to make the independent correction in height and width?


No, because Gigapixel will always maintain the original aspect ratio.

Thx for reply. I understand. However, rather inconvenient, as Photoshop and the PhotozZoom allows so you can can manipulate original aspect.

Hope in future version, this can be accomplish and can become more versatile.
Thx agagin.

If you resize vertical and Horizontal independently it will distort the picture. It is far better to crop the picture to the size you want then upscale it. There may be a few pictures where this is not possible but for the most part people do not crop pictures enough.

Just point out I am not at PC to test anything.
If you are setting the dimensions manually and stuck with ratio?
Try processing at 16x11 inches. Allow 16 inch side to lock.

Now reduce the height to 9 inches with another app.

For batch tiff I am using GraphicsMagick cmd.
Hope this helps.