How Do I Get .tpr Files From Studio 1 Presets Like "Air Brush I" in the "Favorite" Section?

I need to create .tpr files from my Topaz Studio I presets. How do I do it? I can use them in Studio 2 in my new Dell computer. This computer cannot accommodate Studio 1 no matter how hard I have tried.
Thank you!

I stumbled across your post a few minutes ago and realize that you may have already found an answer. If not, I can provide a partial answer for your problem. Before the migration feature was disabled, I migrated all of the effects from Studio 1 for availability as looks in Studio 2. You can find the complete collection via this Dropbox link: Dropbox - Topaz Studio Presets-Migrate to Looks - Simplify your life Unfortunately, I don’t think that there is any way for you to migrate effects that you created/saved in Studio 1.