How do I get rid of the grid created in the background in Studio 2 on a png file?

I’ve been having problems with Studio 2 placing a square grid pattern in the background of my transparent png images while processing so that they’re saved that way. I try to remove it with Mask and it doesn’t remove it all well. I don’t have time for this and why is it doing it? How do I prevent the annoying grid from becoming part of my image?

I don’t believe Studio 2 supports transparencies. I would raise a support request at the main website.

AiDon, I found that there’s a drop-down at the top that will let you decide how to save the file. PNG is an option. I discovered this after giving up trying to get help on the site because they make you jump through rings just for them to answer a question before even beginning and I had a deadline, so didn’t have time for that mess.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

My apologies, of course the Export option lets you choose PNG but I didn’t remember if transparancy was supported :slight_smile: