How do I Create a Preset in Studio?

How so I create a Preset in Topaz Studio? How can’t find a place to do it on the Interface.

Take a look at the images below:

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Thanks, Larry. That is exactly what I needed to know. I’m not sure how I missed it??

PS - is there a User Guide for Studio? I can’t seem to find one. I can find guides for an number of things, including each of the Adjustments, but I can’t locate a User Guide.

Not that I am aware of. The YouTube tutorials have been my “go to” for using Studio.

The rhyme goes “I before E, except after C”
SP: Achieve.

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I’ve reported it to marketing for a resolution.[quote=“Torcello, post:5, topic:1848”]
The rhyme goes “I before E, except after C”

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Jack, what account are you talking about signing up for?

Joe, what specifically have you reported to marketing? If it is the Creating a Preset issue, Larry resolved that for me. If it is the need for a User Guide, that would be much appreciated.

A user guide is not in our immediate plans. The videos serve as the educational content for now :slight_smile:

There have been some comments about the fact that the UI in the videos has been changed and is unrecognizable.

There may be room for a operational guide that would be easier to update when there are changes to the functionality. Especially for items such as file operations, user interface, presets, etc.

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We haven’t updated the videos because we have limited bandwidth. Videos are exponentially faster to create than written guides. If we don’t have time to update the videos, then we don’t have time for a written guide. We have many blog articles and tutorials that explain the software. The interface will be updated in these videos as soon as we can. We made the change early on, so we could start remaking the videos ASAP. We’ll be updating soon enough :slight_smile:

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Good idea, maybe a blog article that could be pinned as an operational guide as that could be updated almost immediately?

We have an introduction article, that covers a lot of stuff. This might be what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for an “operational guide”:

Yes you are right that is totally suitable… with updated images.

Maybe pin a link “Introduction to Studio” in the Topaz Products category.

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I’ll mention it to the team, and get it placed in appropriate locations :slight_smile:

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For me, the good news is that I can stop searching for a Guide that is not there. Living with the reality of what is, a helpful intermediate step would be to create a pdf with an outline of the videos that are available. It would be something like a Table of Contents for a Guide, with URL references to the appropriate videos (and written tutorials). This would be easy to update.

What would be helpful would be an expansion of the Introduction Article to include Adjustments. Much of the desired material clearly is already available. It just needs to be pulled together in on document.