How can I upgrade to Mask AI

How can I upgrade to Mask AI? I own Remask. When I log into my account and click upgrades the only upgrade listed is for the AI bundle. There is a message that says If the Mask AI upgrade is not listed I SHOULD get the upgrade price at checkout. Nowhere does it tell me what the upgrade price is so I have no way to tell if I am getting the upgrade price at checkout. Can someone tell me what the upgrade price is for Remask owners? Thanks.

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Mask AI unfortunately, “has left the womb as a premature baby!”

The legacy product ReMask5 is head and shoulders above the
current implementation of MAI.

When MAI is returned to full health would be a better time to buy.

You’d have to verify with Topaz. But my understanding is that Mask AI is considered a new product and not a free “upgrade” to ReMask.

I highly suggest you try the free trial of Mask AI on a number of different types of images before making a purchase decision. Compare results of those images using your ReMask output & Mask AI trial output for the same test images.

If you are a owner of ReMask you will get an additional $20 discount at checkout as per the email you received. I believe that will reduce the price to $49 from the $69 normal price.

At checkout means you will see the price BEFORE you enter the payment method.

I eventually worked it out but it was a pain purchasing the AI Mask upgrade and took several ins and outs to accomplish. I have still have not received an email announcement that it had been released to the public. I did not expect a charge for the upgrade. While its function seems to be somewhat better than Classic Remask, I wouldn’t think of it as “new” app. Given Topaz’s past policy of free upgrades, if I didn’t have an existing credit, I probably would have stuck with the Classic.

Seems to be a growing habit with Topaz products … throwing stuff over the wall to customers before the finish coding and, more importantly, testing.