How about save some rendertime?

I am wondering, if it is possible to use the preview files for the final render, as it is possible in resolve.

Since the preview file format (container, codec, audio mode) is the same, as the final render ( Preview & Export Settings - Tab) isn´t it possible to merge the pre-rendered preview files with the “not processed” frames of the whole clip?

I´m often confronted with the frustrating moment I see 20-50% of the clip or even the whole clip ( most of the clips I use are shorter than a minute (mostly 10-30 seconds), since i try to use the raw single camera clips or extracted single clips of edited material) rendered as preview segments and when I want to “Export” the clip the processing starts all over again for the whole In to Out region.

That´s a waste of allready used processing time.

Hence the allready rendered clip/s is/are stored in “preview” file/s in one or more segments (which is/are allready the final format =>Preview & Export Settings are identical) that is/are available on non volatile memory e.g. HDDs or SSDs (“Temp-File-Folder”) dont´t need to be processed again. I assume most users generate a preview of their final settings.
Otherwise this request is of course useless.

But previewing is the most important thing in using VEAI :wink:

Or integrate a RAM-Preview in an uncompressed format. In the use-case of short clips this would be great. And should be reusable for my request.
I don´t know if this is possible with ffMpeg.

This would make the handling of the input clips a little bit mor complicated and would get VEAI much more closer to a NLE, but should also help to bring the often asked feature of scene detection to life. It also would help to store whole project files in VEAI. So one could store a “project” containing all clips from a certain camera file folder with a history of all tryed model settings ( of course without the preview files, just as a kind of history-list to restore and rerender older versions ).

Just like in an NLE…

If merging an rewrapping single clips into a new container is possible? I don´t know.

But in essence it is, what a NLE does.

This would give a much appreciated boost in the workflow for shorter clips, I think.

I truly hope the integration in NLEs uses that host´s for my thoughts. ( in AE I think this is allready the case?)

If you’re using previews to test different settings, by the time you’re ready to export you could easily have preview clips with a half-dozen or more different settings.

How long are your previews that this would be a time saver? Mine are seldom longer than 20-30 seconds, and the amount of time they’d save in exporting an hour-long video would probably be less than I would have to spend sorting out which of the previews to use and which not to use.

As I mentioned, my clips are often not longer than 30 seconds and have often 2-3 previews with a length of 5 s, so it would save half the rendertime.

And if the clips are from the same source and equal content I mostly use the same settings for all of them.

It surely depends on how one uses the software. And I have often the situation that my 12 second clip is completely previewed and I could manually copy and rename the preview clip(s) to its final destination. Or I set the preview path to the final path.

But it would be nice if one could tick a box and VEAI does that for you.

With hour long clips that´s of course no time saver. That´s for sure.