Horses Don't Mind Strange Storms

So this was an experiment using Studio 2 to create something using two normal images without an image layer like in Studio 1. The originals are included below. One was used for the sky and the other for the foreground. First I added the sky image to a new category in textures. Then I opened the foreground image normally in Studio 2 added a texture filter selecting my sky image as the texture with normal blend mode and 100% opacity. I added a mask to the texture filter to brush in the foreground. Using a copy or an inverted copy of that mask, I applied AIRemix, Impression, Curves, and Precision Detail filters to the sky and foreground. It was reasonably easy and quick to do this. Not done as it would be in Studio 1, but still able to be done while waiting for image layer feature.

Foreground image:

Sky image used as a texture:

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this has a lovely watercolor effect to me


Nice work …

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Thanks Susan. I used the Burnt Oil selection in AIRemix with reduced opacity on the sky for that effect.

Thank you Don.

You really made the image pop …

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