Horizon, Cannon Beach Oregon

I’m slowly learning how to incorporate my own “individual” brush stokes into my “paintings” using Corel Painter Essentials. Walk before you run right? Lots of back and forth between applications. I still have yet to get some sort of tablet and pen. Wacom Intuos seems to be the popular choice but it also seems there are driver issues with Windpows from time to time. Argh! Any recommendations here?

Anyway, the image here was taken on a grey, foggy day at Canon Beach, Oregon, which we journeyed to from Portland to get out of the heat. Refreshing!

C1, PS, Corel Painter Essentials, Topaz plugins (DeNoise, Clarity, Detail). Layers galore.


Yes I love your painting, but where is Haystack Rock? LOL I have been using Corel Painter for years and I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Med. I wouldn’t worry about drivers Wacom keeps up with their updates so its not a problem. Its the best even for Photoshop, Topaz and other graphic programs. I can’t imagine masking or doing selection without one.

I’m in Vancouver so I’ll be headed to Cannon Beach soon myself.

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I too use a Wacom Intuos Pro. Before that I had an entry level model which wasn’t very expensive and a good introduction if you are not sure of its worth or are on a limited budget. I can’t image trying to do any kind of image manipulation without it. Some find using a tablet and pen tricky at first, but not so in my case. I only use a mouse when absolutely necessary these days.
And I like your image, particularly the subdued colour palette and texture. I’m not sure about the rough edges though. I’m finding it a little distracting when together with the black frame.

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Um, Haystack Rock will be my next posting. Thanks for asking and Wacom advise! Cannon Beach is great fun!

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Yeah, I agree about the distraction. Thanks for point that out. And thanks for the Wacom encouragement. It is starting to feel like a no brainer!

We go to Long Beach and Lincoln City most of the time and take our dog. So much fun to turn him lose on the beach.
I think Jeanie is correct, you should either do a frame or the canvas edge, both maybe a bit too much.

Great job, really does look like a painting!