High Sierra Photos integration

The Photos app in Hugh Sierra allows the use of external editors. Please make the Topaz plug ins useable in Photos!

External Editors and not the same as Photoshop plugins. Therefore you will be able to call Topaz Studio from Photos and use your plugins from there, or call PS from Photos.

These are the instructions for you:

Edit photos within third-party apps on your Mac

With Photos for macOS High Sierra, you can send a photo to most third-party photo apps for editing, then save the changes right back into your library.

  • Control-click a photo and choose Edit With from the contextual menu. Then choose from the list of third-party editing apps on your Mac.
  • You can also click a photo and then choose Image > Edit With in the menu bar.
  • The photo opens in the third-party app that you chose. Make your edits, and then save.
    If the app saves photos in a non-standard format, look for an option to save as JPEG or another format that Photos supports.

Your edited photo appears automatically in Photos.

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Huh, guess I should have checked to see if the programs work with High Sierra to begin with. I can’t even open Adjust 5 let alone use it in Photos. Guess I’ll have to wait for an update. Thanks for the info though, I’m really excited to start using Topaz Labs again!

The best option you have is to download the Topaz Studio (free) and install that and it will pick up your copy of Adjust 5 so you will be able to use Studio as a third-party app from Photos.

Plugins, of which adjust is, do NOT work natively with Photos.

Just tried to load up Adjust 5 on my 5k iMac and it won’t launch. I just get an error dialog saying that it quit unexpectedly. I haven’t used any Topaz Labs software for quite a while though so I’m not sure if this is caused by the upgrade to 10.13 or not. Is this a known issue?

Hi Joe,

From his other thread it looks like he is calling Adjust directly from Photos and Photos doesn’t support Plugins. So I will move this thread over to the other.

At the moment, only Studio can be invoked from the Photos app on 10.13. I tested this, and can confirm that works. We do not support Photos for the plugin products.

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