Herring gulls

These are a real nuisance where I live.


Great capture and details …

The pigeons of the sea … nice capture

Rats with wings.


Great shot! What camera/lens did you use? And post process?

I took this quite a while back when I had a Nikon D90 using an 18 - 200 VR lens - mostly I would try and keep this around the 75 mm mark as that’s where it was at its best.
I’ve just purchased AI Clear so have been trying it. So I applied that first and then probably used a little clarity (preset) at reduced opacity and I also brightened the eyes a little. I didn’t pay too much attention and may have done a few other minor tweeks, but always at reduced opacity.


Nice work. Looks like you got a very good exposure in difficult lighting; you kept the feather highlights under control in the harsh sunlight. I think it’s a good composition too. Seems like the D90 would still be a decent rig.

One thing I’d consider trying is cloning out the brightest (or maybe all) bokeh highlights on the water. Just to compare. In a way, they are sharp compared to the water and so reduce the feel of depth created by your chosen depth of field.

Is that St Petersburg? Reminds me of views across the bay to Tampa from the seawall in downtown.

Best regards

Not as exotic I’m afraid - what you can see in the distance is Dungeness nuclear power station - an interestingly desolate kind of area. Some choose to live in its shadow on the shingle beach (some homes made of old railway carriages) and there’s a nature reserve.

Thanks for your suggestion regarding the ‘sparkly water’ it’s something I hadn’t considered.

Thank you, JeanieW!