Help with uneven noise removal using Denoise AI

On many images, Denoise AI is miraculous. On many, however, I find it impossible to get a clean result. When there are large areas of sky, snow, or other open areas, it will remove noise from part of the image and not others. Here is a link to a file that I am struggling with and a screenshot of the Denoise AI interface.

The original image is a scan from a 35mm slide. There is a fair amount of grain as well as noise. Denoise AI does a wonderful job on the right half of the image, but not on the left. I also tried AI Clear. At low and medium settings, it makes it worse, creating a crisp leather like texture across the image. At the High noise setting, it cleans it up but takes away too much detail.

I am using Denoise AI 2.2.7. My system is a Mac (OsX 10.15.6). I have the GPU off and Open Vino on, though I have tried the other combination with no difference in results.

Any advice appreciated.

First question is where did the TIF image come from? And was noise reduction & sharpening applied before it was exported from the RAW converter?

Please post in the correct category as you are not doing a product release.

Thanks, Don

It was scanned from a 35 mm slide using a Nikon LS-5000 scanner and Vuescan software (version 9.6.07). No sharpening or noise reduction was applied.

I believe you should raise a support request at the main website regarding these type of images because they typically have different type of noise to digital images.

They should be able to help.