Help with two video Upscale

first, I’ve done many trials and errors to figure out what result might be.

my first video is 1080p digital (2.1 mb/s avg and max bitrate 20.0 mb/s ), there’s some blocks.
my 2nd video is 720p digital at 2.5 mb/s, no max bitrage

in both cases, after reading many post here, it seems the best way is to apply 2 pass (both with AMQ et Gaia), I’ve been told not to use Artemis 2 times on the same file (I agree you get a plastic look).

My question what should be the best road to follow and should I use Artemis first than Gaia or vise versa ?

goal: upscale to 4k.


Can you upload here a screenshot of the video you’re working on?

I have found Gaia then Artemis to work well for DVD (740x480) to HD (1920x1080).

Gaia (gcg) is to clean up my video and fix the aspect ratio (720x480p to 720x540p). Then I use Artemis HQ to upscale it to 1080p. Both are cleaning up the video quality, but Artemis works better on higher quality input.

What I did to figure out the first pass is to process 400-500 frames with my candidates and then render them into short videos.

Gaia gcg_5 takes about twice as long as the Artemis HQ_11 pass, but it is worth the effort. Decide with your own eyes because your own eyes will be watching it.