Help with out of focus video

I have some video that is somewhat out of focus. I tried fixing this using Video Enhance AI v2.6.3 on a Windows 10 machine. I loaded the video and set video type to “interlaced” (because it is) and video type to “blurry.” The program recommends “Dione Interlaced DV” for processing. I have tried using this model with the video quality set to both “low” and “high.” And I can see no discernable difference in the video that is outputted. Yet, if I export one frame of this video and process it using Topaz Sharpen AI, it makes a huge improvement! What am I doing wrong? How do I determine the settings I need to bring my video more into focus? If Topaz Sharpen AI can do, surely Video Enhance AI should be able to.

Dione modes are for interlaced video footage. The Proteus model offers an option to reduce blurryness. If this does not help enough you could convert the video to images and use Sharpen AI which offers good abilities to reduce blurryness.

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