Help with images that have extra noise

This isn’t a Topaz issue so it’s in general and I figured maybe people here would know what’s going on. I take shots and edit them in Lightroom 6, and export them. Sometimes I they show up with extra noise in when viewed.

This plays into Topaz tools as I just had lousy results and when I looked at original that is in the program versus what I normally see when I few it, it’s super noisy!
DSC_2790.jpg - IrfanView (Zoom_ 1298 x 865) 1_29_2023 8_07_43 PM
This is how they are appear usually.

DSC_2790.jpg - IrfanView (Zoom_ 1298 x 865) 1_29_2023 8_08_49 PM
This is how they show up with more noise. I know this is IrfanView, I’m only showing it with that because I trigger the bad version at will. (Open the image and then resize the windows -not the image, when I let go of the cursor the image will clear up again)

I put in three test images form the same night and the results were great with little artifacts or issues. I dump in the rest but first few I look at load like the second and more noisy example which obviously is going to have a worse turnout. I have noticed a few times that uploading to services it may happen too that the nosier image will show up.

I export as JPG, 80% and sRGB color space.

I asked someone in the Irfanview forms and I know why now. It’s resampling, the noise is always there but resampling gets rid of it. I have it on and my display is only 1920x1080 and the image is 5568x3712, so it’s pretty squashed. It’s using lancos so it probably averages out the noise.

Of course Topaz software isn’t going to resample input, seems some online places don’t resample either. Lightroom does resample it’s previews and I swear the 1:1 int the display is less noisy than the output.

I’m going to try a few things, including the tips of best practice of what to do if Topaz isn’t first in your workflow. In the end the problem are usually the same; a bit of a loss of fine detail but bigger issue is blotchy color. I have experimented before and the raw profile is wonderful! Only issue is that camera and lens profile corrections are lost went sent to lightroom (only tried in 6.14)