HELP saving images

I am having a lot trouble finding my photos after they have been sharpened, as there doesn’t seem to any choices to were to save them. When I first started to use the app there seem to various choices but I don’t see them any anymore. I should say I’m 80 so it could be old age here.

Did you set a destination output folder in the Preferences?

Yes I did but they no longer go there and I no longer have a choice showing.

When I click onto Export Image I get the option to choose the output location:

Thaks for your help on this.

I wish I had that choice. I don’t see export Settings anywhere.
When I go to Preferences/ Processing/Save, I don’t get a choice of were to save my image after I have finished.
Is there a way to reset your choice of were to save your work?

As you were I think I may have cracked it. Although my save page looks totally different to yours.
I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Now at last I have choice and it seems to working!
Thank you again for your help.