Healing brush studio 2.3

I am still kind of new here, but I seem to be having trouble with the healing brush in studio v2.3. Anyone else having issue. It does not appear to heal anything, but being new I don’t want to file a problem report if it is not a problem with anything but my lack of knowledge on its use.

I would appreciate it if anyone might be able to verify if it is working or not.


Hi WFGPhoto. Conceivably there are certain situations where the healing brush may be malfunctioning. I’m not able to truthfully say I’ve tried every possible thing. I do know it is working in Studio 2.3 for me. There is nothing special that needs to be done. If you have an image in the window, click the heal icon, start painting on it, there should be some action that you can notice.

If you run a plug-in like Adjust AI first the healing brush will not work, so try healing first then run the plug-ins and see if this helps.

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Thank you, I finally had an opportunity to check out your response, and indeed you are correct. I did not do the healing early on, and when I tried it did not do anything.
I worked on another photo and did the healing first and VOILA! Thank you very much Ricci.

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Thank you, the response from Ricci was dead on, but I do appreciate your response, it did let me know I was using the tool correctly.