Hazy display when using Studio

Hello. For some reason, with the latest updates to Studio, any photo I open is extremely hazy. Does not seem to matter whether I open them directly in Studio, from another product like Bridge, or from Photoshop as a filter. Very disturbing.

You will need to post more info about your environment you are working … e.g. Operating system

Then what type of image are you opening … RAW (?), TIFF, JPEG, PNG etc.

Then please post a screenshot of the hazy image you see.

These are are .dng files from a Leica M10. Note: just tried it again, and it works fine when opening as a filter in Photoshop…

One of the things that happens with Studio RAW processing is that it is almost a Linear conversion which means it will seem a lot darker than you will see in say Photoshop/Camera RAW. The rational behind this is that there will be more dynamic range that you can work with which means you will be able to recover more detail from both the shadows and the highlights.

For example you can look at this comparison of a DNG image created from a Canon CR3 file (not supported by Studio) and that which is converted from PS 6 … but because the Leica M10 was released in 2012 it should be able to be opened directly but will seem a little muted like this DNG from a CR3 … PS on the top and Studio on the bottom. Note that adjusting the MidTones & Shadows/Highlights will give a good translation - just experiment and you will see that it is a nice starting point … just different from what you are used to.