Hazy Dayz at Lake Granby

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On my way to Rocky Mtn NP from the south, I drove along side Lake Granby for a few miles. It was bright but quite hazy, I guess from smoke and possibly moisture from the approaching rain. It was also very late morning so the light was also a bit flat. So I went the B&W route. Used LR, Adjust and then B&W Effects with the Aubergine [sp?] Dynamic preset.

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Nice, clean panoramic composition.

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Nice composition and PP …

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I look at this and can hear John Denver’s great voice! Beautifully done!

Beautiful setting and capture …

Thank you! @Dragonpainter @AiDon @RatRodStudios @Michigander

I do have a handful of John Denver songs on my MP3, so I was taking in these views and listening to him as my music shuffled. :relaxed:

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Very nice pano and edits.

Well done - that is superb

Very nice choice for the conditions!

Thank you very much gentlemen 3 - John, Terry, and Ken. @cre8art @el48tel @KenKv

What got me to stop at the roadside pullout, was all the levels of receding hills and mountain tops, each with their own level of shading. I’m always amazed at just how many tones and shades our eyes can see, so it’s fun when I see a subject that’s already got some of that built in. I also like rule breaker images; in this case that old adage about avoiding the bad midday light. I think the light’s always good; the hard part is figuring out how to use the light you’ve got to best advantage.

Thanks again for all the comments. The more I look at this one, the more I’m leaning towards adding it to my to-print list.

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no such thing as rules - rules are for those who never take photos but tell everyone else how they should be taken!

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^^ Indeed!! I wholeheartedly agree Terry.

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