Having trouble with Denoise AI plug in & Studio 2

I am a new Topaz user and recently bought the entire suite of products. I’ve been using Topaz Studio to edit my Astrophotos and after I use the Denoise AI plugin the photo returns to Studio but I can’t seem to edit the photo any further. None of the tools does anything to the picture. I’m sure I’m missing something. Any advice?

Please post a screenshot of the effects panel on the RH side, it may well be just the order of the filters and the DeNoise output.

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Hey AiDon. Unfortunately the forum won’t let me post a picture in a reply. It lets me upload it to the reply, but when I go to post the reply a window pops up telling me I can’t post a picture???

Here is a link to my Onedrive account. Thanks for your help


I think the system Topaz uses for discussion forums kinda makes you earn the ability to post content by requiring you to post x # of times b4 it enables content uploads… I don’t know what that threshold is.

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Thank you Fotomaker. Kinda ridiculous that a photo editing forum won’t let me post a photo after spending $$$ on their software. I have no problem with trust certificates but holding functionality hostage is just plain bad.

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As a moderator I have to disagree on that as spamming is a major problem and Topaz don’t provide Admin to monitor 24 hours. But as of now I have provided you with the ability to upload … all you had to do was ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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You seem to have adjusted the sequence of Filters or applied DeNoise as the last step. Just drag the DeNoise output, by hovering the pointer over the 6 dots on the LH side and click, then drag the DeNoise Output to be the the first above the original:


Proper Sequence:

The reason for this is that there is no concept of creating a Stamped Layer to pass to the plugins so when you invoke a external plugin it will send the original.

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Thank You for your help AiDon. Thank you also for allowing me to post pictures. I did not realize spamming was such a problem.

Also, do not post the same comments in more than one post please.

Hello, I just installed the free trials for Studio 2, Denoise AI, Sharpen AI and Mask AI. I can’t seem to use the Denoise, Sharpen & Mask AI’s in Studio 2 as plug-ins. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey There

I am very new to Topaz and photo editing in general so I’m not sure I’ll be very helpful. I use Topaz Studio 2 as my primary editor and the plug-ins like Sharpen, Denoise…etc are in the filter tab on the top of the page. I’ll start out in studio and do my editing there and if I want to use a plug-in like Denoise I click the filter tab, choose pulg-ins at the bottom, click the plug-in I wanna use. Topaz opens that plug-in and loads your file. Do what you need to do in the plug-in then click apply. Topaz brings the modified image back to studio.

Not sure how to do it with another program involved but I’m sure it’s similar.

Good Luck