Have you opened Remask 5 from a PS action?

I cannot open Remask 5 from a Photoshop action. I can open other Topaz plugins but not Remask. If you can launch Remask 5 from an action I’d like to know how. Thanks.

I’m not aware of any way to open ReMask 5 with a PS action. I’ve been trying to think of why I would want this feature. But all I can see as an advantage is to be able to open up the software. Instead of going to filters and boot up the filter, I would have to go to my actions, find it, and click the go button. For me that would not be much of a time saver. I use an action with DeNoise all the time, but that’s quite different than ReMask 5. I’ve asked several times when they will have more Photoshop Action capabilities. I was told it was on the list of things to do but no info of where it is on the list. I’ve been hoping to be able to use actions with Clarity. Even to be able to do one Clarity procedure on an image, and then be able to pull up a new image and just hit CTRL ALT F and have Photoshop apply my last filter procedure to this new image would be a big deal for me. You can only do that one additional time before having to go back into the Clarity software. So you can get two photos done with the same filter, but that’s all.

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