Have Multi GPU setting finalize video pr0cess

Multi GPU setting doesn’t finalize video, freezes at final 30 seconds or less of encoding, however new output video itself seems complete and looks very good. I just have to manually close it out the task as it doesn’t automatically finalize. Having 2 GPU’s saves 50% of the encoding time, so having this work would be great for batch encoding.

I have 2 NVidia Encoders:
Nvidia RTX 4090 Laptop GPU & a RTX 4090 EGPU connected by thunderbolt.
Both are recognized by Topaz & my computer.

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Hi, you put this in the new ideas section. I moved it to General, however, for processing errors we recommend opening a support ticket.

Can you share your system profile and your logs from this instance?
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.

I opened a support ticket & included logs.
Thanks for the instructions! Harry

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