Hardware Recommendations

i`m running 2 Systems with Nvidia Quadros.
I want to uprade them only for rendering.
Are there recommendations for CPUs and GPUs?
My idea is to use AMD Threadripper CPUs and newer Nvidia Quadro GPUs.
I have to upscale many projects and have much render time.

You’re going to be disappointed. As of right now, TVAI doesn’t feel like it uses such hardware fully.
Unless they have drastically changed something in TVAI 5.1, you need about 10 CPU cores per 1 GPU. And to increase the utilization of hardware, you need to run one instance of TVAI per movie. The way TVAI has to process things, it cannot really use multiple GPUs for one video. The RTX 4090 beats all other cards for speed—even the RTX A6000. Has Nvidia made a quadro style GPU after the A6000? I haven’t noticed one. Anyway, RTX 4070 supers would run TVAI just fine. Even RTX 3080s would be good.

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I agree, more than 10 Cores does not help for one video rendering and GPU becomes more important.