Happy World Photography Day! (Aug. 19)

I saw this older woman on the streets of North Beach, San Fran. She was being pretty belligerent to anyone who came near her. She seemed to not be speaking so softly and she was literally holding a big stick. But she oozed personality so I squeezed off a quick capture.

The street was jammed with people. In fact she was yelling at and right up in the face of a guy with a camera - he was literally inches away. Plus, given the dynamics of the situation, I had to stick with “professional” mode (ahem, aka program mode); no time to even kick into aperture priority.

To deal with all that I cropped the full shot very tight. Used Gigapixel AI for a 6x upsize. Then took the image into Studio 2 for a general denoise, some sharpening, some contrast adjustments (had to do most of that with masking due to the lighting) and also (because of the lack of a smooth bokeh) I darkened the people in the background and slightly desaturated them so the focus would be solely on her (again with masking). I used Ps CC for a bit of vignetting around the edges. Then also tried a BW version just to see what that would do (I purposely went with a rougher BW vs a smooth, even full spectrum given her weathered skin and her personality.

Anyway, Happy World Photo Day!


Very interesting story. I like the color and the BW versions very much

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BW my taste like old days news image thumps up

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I’ve done some photojournalism for a local newspaper… not my usual thing! So I appreciate your observation!!