Happy holidays from Poland

I wish all members of the Topaz Labs team a wonderful Christmas.

It’s nothing that the virus is raging at the moment. But remember that no matter the severity of the situation, humanity has always risen and developed further. We have survived wars and cataclysms, we will survive the virus.

You are doing some really good things for artists and hobbyists. Keep doing it, inventing new programs, I mean unique.

I wish the users too, all the best and I encourage you to read the short but interesting history of Topaz Labs, which is posted on the website.
Greetings from Poland,
Lech Balcerzak
Don’t forget users of older systems like Win 7. “Old doesn’t mean obsolete,” as said a killing machine with true Artificial Intelligence, the Terminator, in the some next episode of the sequel.

I have a lot of systems installed on my partitions, not only Win 7, but even XP and Win 98 and more, which I bought long ago. Believe me, they are not worse than the latest solutions. They run faster, and - best of all - they have tons of great and unique graphics tools, such as morpher “Elastic Reality”, that you won’t find on new computers.

Sometimes I think these new systems are not for work, but are designed to drive the market and generate artificial demand and money … :slight_smile:

Capitalism is a difficult and greedy system, so unfortunately we have to play this game until it is gone.

Maybe it will happen relatively quickly and will create new, more fair social systems other than communism or capitalism, for example closer to cooperatives or small tribal communities.

I have a friend who is very supportive of the free market but is also very religious. Once I decided to make a joke to him and asked him:

– Do you believe in God and Heaven?
– Of course.
– But you also believe in capitalism?
– This is the best system. Do you remember how bad it was in communism in Poland?
– So you think that in Heaven there is capitalism and everything that results from it, so: poverty, greed, exploitation of man by man and all this rubbish like ours on Earth?

For the first time my friend did not know what to answer and he pondered …

I’m not opposed to technical progress - on the contrary - as an artist I use the latest technologies, including Topaz models and my own AI models, but I also like vintage and would always like to be able to choose what I work on. And always keep a distance and a lot of common sense when it comes to news.

Once again - happy holidays.