Hand Break Support

Support for Handbreak.

What do you mean?
As far as I know, HandBreak has a CLI. So technically it’s already supported.

Most likely since HandBreak is open source, it will come down to the licensing. I would expect the same outcome as libx265.

It’s HandBrake btw


Tee-hee. My sorries.

You talking windows or Mac ?

Maybe both? I never use it. I just looked up the website and saw it listed CLI as an option.

Do you think he means actually, support for FFMPEG cmdline encoder for VAI to leverage during its encoding? Handbrake is just a GUI frontend for FFMPEG. Not sure what support for ‘Handbrake’ would look like. The CLI is the brain. Handbrake just the pretty face. :wink:

I see. They say so themselves.
So, in that case I stand by what I said before. It comes down to the same legal reasons we don’t have libx265 in TVAI.

@JesusSheep The reason HandBrake can have all the encoding options and filters they have, is because all their code is open source. Topaz cannot make their software open source and still make money on it. They cannot add all the features HandBrake has added without making their code open source—as required by the open source licenses of some of those features.